Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final stages of the Board Rescue Window

Today I'll be putting up the window display. A few refinements, boards being delivered on location, last minute adds and deletes, finish painting, small signage for each board all the little details. Custom recycled skateboard birdhouse. Yes. Thanks to my husband. need to finish his website. It will feel good to complete this project so I can get back to a normal life and not grind the hours. It's for a good cause. The kids. Board Rescue art show is Friday night 7:00 pm at our Downtown Urban Outfitters.

A peak at a couple of the boards Chinese horses on the left is by Lucas Musgrave. Hot Rod by Steve Caballero.

We are going to selling Board Rescue t shirts, wrenches, custom Board Rescue Croakies in the store while Ray Stevens II spins some tunes.

Recycled skateboard "Birdhouse" design project that has been in the works.

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