Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vienna Woods + Park Wilshire Field Aptos

I know it's been hard for all of the neighbors to get use to loosing the field. Sad faces and lots of families walking around the streets. (Dog poop piles on the streets like never before gross) Cars coming up with their dogs and a big fence blocking the old path (u turn). Well it was bound to happen since the property was purchased 12 years ago. Yes we had the field for 47 years+ I'm going to miss riding up Haas and cutting across the field instead of dealing with the cars racing down Vienna. Try riding your bike up with your family while people are going 45 in both directions.
Give them a break. Stop thrashing their fences and causing more grief. The path is still in the works for those that are concerned. The more hassle the worse it will be for all. My motto is treat others like you would like to be treated.

Thank you for clearing the field back and trimming the Oaks. Having a fire break is a good thing.

Please drive slow through our neighborhood as we have pets and kids that are on the streets playing or blindly walking in our case with our old dog. Respect us and we will do the same.

A sub-division would suck which is rumored for the flat area of the field which of course is behind our house. Guess it's not a rumor. ;(

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