Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marketing 101 Outdoor Retailer

Worked remotely on my marketing presentation as outdoors as you could get at Rooster Comb Ranch no wifi but got er done.

Missed the Amgen Stage 3 finish with the Haut Surfboard graphic at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with Dave Zabriskie yesterday but it was all worth it working on marketing branding strategy in Bozeman Montana with Marvin Levine. He's the guy that was the Outside Design Consultant that worked on the Bass Pro Shops retail interior retail design look and feel. He's working with Carhartt and now Croakies. Croakies has been around since 1978 founded by none other than John Krisik, JK or Escargot. He was a downhill skateboarder, photographer and team manager for Santa Cruz Skateboards back in the day. He owns and runs his company with head quarters located in Jackson Hole with manufacturing in Bozeman, Montana. It is owner operated and a very family like company with a great crew.

Side note:
Many of the Built to Grind photos are by John Krisik though they spelled his name wrong. After all it is skateboarding and what do skaters do best but f with each other.

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