Saturday, April 3, 2010

Go big or don't go at all

I never considered myself a risk taker or a social media person. But I guess if you consider I skateboard race down hills at high speeds and weave in and out of cones, learned how to tail drop on my 50 th birthday last fall and keep dropping in deeper and deeper bowls. I envision myself doing front side grinds like I did in 1979 but maybe not in a 10 foot vert pool and keep trying. I have over 500 hundred people on my LinkedIn, many designers, illustrators, marketing managers and founders of companies from Quiksilver, Croakies, Skullcandy, NHS, many longtime friends and some new. I avoided LinkedIn for years but realized what a great 411 tool it has become (thanks to Chris Adams). I've embraced the web, new media, but still try and keep my hand eye skills on paper. I teach my clients and friends if they are interested. I feel it is really important to share with people what I know. I'm probably to generous but don't care. My belief is you get what you give. If I don't have something lined up 6 months down the road I put something there.
I am working on a Board Rescue project that involves a host of talented skate artists and a 14'x 12' x 2' foot window display set for the month of July in Santa Cruz. More about that later. I am working on surfboard graphics with Doug Haut for a big event. I'm a bit of a freak because I'll wake up at 4:00 am and have ideas and things I need to get down on paper. I have a book ideas, things I want to sew, paintings started, video work in progress.
Talking with folks to try and put on a beginning skateboard clinic at Lake Cunningham Regional Skateboard Park to raise money for Board Rescue this spring. Possibly a park night race and of course the Capitola Classic this October. My wish is a downhill single lane race, demo slalom or single lane two run thing since the road is really really beat up and we want to try and do it in a day. Set up ramps at the Esplanade and have a vintage longboard swap. You know just a few ideas.
What I tell young designers is you've got to really step out to stand out these days. You can't just get by. It is important to love what you do because in the end it will show.

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