Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skate Like A Girl in Santa Cruz

Great SLAG session at the Santa Cruz Skatepark. Were talking crowded. I had a hard time listening to the little boy complaining how bored he was and all he had to skate was this park. I couldn't help but say to him be happy you have this. We had shit stuff to ride and we skated it. We skated anything and everything. San Jose had 8 parks in the late 70's and within 6 months they were all gone due to insurance costs. Don't bitch about what you have. Image having nothing to skate for decades and then being 50 and parks are popping up everywhere. Enjoy. Quit your bitching and just skate.

I couldn't help myself when I yelled "where's your helmet" to the kid about to drop in to the deep end of the square bowl. He looked at me and dropped in the shallow end. Who's parents would allow a 8 year old to drop in to pool without a helmet. I'm sorry but I worked at a helmet company and saw the carnage of what can happen when you aren't wearing one.

Skate Like a Girl is based in Seattle, WA with two chapters in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA. We are building community. We are creating an all-female skate crew, and we want you to join us.
Skate Like a Girl strives to build community coalitions with other groups and organizations that are working to challenge oppression through education and dialogue, with the hope of creating better communities for everyone.

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