Saturday, March 27, 2010

Santa Cruz Crew Contest Gremmies and Hellgramites original art

1 st Place Gremmie David Pond

2 nd Place Gremmie Justin Burns

3 rd Place Gremmie Joshua Bubottom

1 st Place Hellgramite Joe Harper

2 nd Place Hellgramite Jason Moruay

3 rd Place Hellgramite Z Haas

Found these original contest winner drawings while digging up stuff for the MAH surf show "Surf City Santa Cruz: A Wave of Inspiration". The backs have a questionnaire that asks what is your favorite skateboard brand, who's your favorite surfer...when I get them back from the MAH I'll scan the backs and post sometime minus the personal address and phone info of course.

Donated this same print with for the MAH so the next generation of grommets can have at it when they visit the show. It was great to see many of the new gen of surf artists like Nikki Brookes, Ea Ackerman, Marvin Plummer, Tim Ward, Eli Atkins, Dave Gardner, Patrick Trefz, Thomas Campbell, Stan Welsh, Shawn "Barney" Barron and many others. The old guard was there as well Jeff McCormick one of my, Brenda Scott Rogers of Hotline, Doug Haut, Richard Novak, Jim and Jimbo Phillips, Richard Schmidt, Jim "JD" Deleon, Matt Macuda, Pat and Janet Taylor, Russell Leong and a host of others.

Opens today. Go check it out. It will be up until July 25, 2010.

I have a small graphic design case of the logo work I did and airbrushes. Hotline Wetsuits, Rainbow Fins, Santa Cruz Surfboards, Surf Shop and a few others. Also most of the surf mags, books, surf movie posters and puka necklace is from my collection as well as the Original Santa Cruz Crew poster art by Jim Phillips in the middle room on the first floor by the door. It is a classic since it has all the many of the original Eastside and Westsiders that rode for Santa Cruz Surfboards back in the day. Thank you Angela Stucky for doing the signage piece next to the poster so people can see who is who.

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