Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Never say never from airbrushing to signage

Being a designer doesn't mean just doing work on the computer. I recommend to designers if they get a chance try it all. I airbrushed surfboards for Santa Cruz Surfboards to get through college. Learned how to tape off a rail. Each surfboard has it's unique line, each shaper has their own style. I learned a ton via practice and tons of tape. I worked on signage projects from painting, cutting, hot gluing to weeding vinyl type hands on is a good way understand each step. I worked on trade show designs from the whole booth to only the signage, from 90 foot Apple Banners to the small stuff. I'm still doing booth graphics and projects but mostly digitally these days. Enjoy and take pride in picking out everything thing from the colors, texture, carpet, chairs, all the way down to the snacks.
Draw, practice, play, have fun!

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