Sunday, March 7, 2010

Assistant to John De Andrea for a spell

Came across a few items that brought back some memories of working with John DeAndrea. I had an office at the Sash Mill for 8 years and John's studio was above mine. I had the opportunity to work with him and learned how to make molds and got to assist in many of his projects. He let me use his back wall as a photo studio when I needed a big white space. We built a great friendship between art and horses. He gave me Kami the go go horse I almost lost my front tooth to. In 1991, I was taken to New York to help set his show at the ACA Galleries. My dad and r.r. jones took photos of his works while he was living in Santa Cruz. I found this youtube video of some of his current works. These two pieces were a few of the ones I worked on. The sisters and the SF ballerina.

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