Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thrasher Snowboard Ad's before the Snowboard Mags

Before the on slot of snow specific magazines like Heckler, TW Snow, Snowboarder and a few others most all the snowboard ad's ran in Thrasher. Ski had Powder. These are pre computer, stats, marked up art boards with tracing paper overlays to call out the colors and where the photo goes. Color negative and proofs cost $650.00 for a full page. Some history for those of you fortunate enough to go direct to printer via all digital.

I did Ad's for Sessions and Look Snowboards as well as posters, trade show...still doing it and stoked. Terry Kidwell in the Sim's ad photo by Greg Windell. Look Lamar ad Dave Seoane photo by Chris Patterson at Squaw Valley, Ca.

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