Monday, February 8, 2010

Green Graphic Design you can design for the future

This book "Green Graphic Design" is a great resource. I always try and promote green graphic design where ever it fits in when working with clients. Whether it is printing a catalog on recycled paper or creating trade show graphics on recycled plastics, sometimes it works and sometimes not, it never hurts to try. You don't have to be the biggest company to make a difference. As a local graphic design company working in the action sports industry, food and product branding and packaging I always try to fit green graphic principles in. You can be resourceful by picking environmentally friendly paper products or materials where ever possible. I work with a host of talented individuals some locally and some not. It is amazing what you can do via online networking, and collaborating with the best designers, illustrators, copywriters and photographers in the business. It took me years of being in the business to establish some amazing working relationships. I don't take any of it for granted. Big thank you to all of you.

AIGA's Carbon Cool program

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