Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got the memo about the Cavanah's Hill or Cardiac Hill

Good and bad news. The good news is the homeless camps and dangerous fire hazards will be cleaned up this spring in the Vienna neighborhood field behind Cabrillo College as their are 5 encampments and 4 men and two women living out there with open fire pits and trash everywhere piling up. Bad news is they will start construction on the Cavanah's (from the old owners) or Cardiac Hill (current name). So enjoy the view while you can. You can't blame anyone that purchased the property to want to build on top of that hill. It's been a great 50 plus years of open space. Things change. At least it's not a whole neighborhood going up.

Sea to Trail

Bottom photo myself and my brother photo by my dad 1963. Why I care about the shit that's going on out there. I'm lucky to have played in the field growing up.

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