Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fancy Food Show in SF inspiring and fun

Went to the show yesterday in the rain. Was worth the drive in the storm. Went to Chris Cornyn, seminar 10 Do's and Don'ts seminar focusing on positioning and packaging products for success... Worked with him years ago when I was the art director of Rockshox. Super talented guy who changed his focus to food. His agency is Dine Marketing in SF. Years ago I wanted to work with Newman's Own and met with Peter the marketing head back in the early 90's. He liked my work but didn't see any food packaging in my portfolio. I was disappointed not to get the work but knew he was right. Richard Novak of NHS helped put me in line with Peter Beckmann of Beckmann's Bakery. He had 50 people interested in designing there logo, branding and packaging. All of us submitted one round of designs. He then narrowed it to a smaller group of 5 and paid us for another round. Then down to 3 people, to two and then one. We would meet at Shoppers Corner in Santa Cruz at 5:30 am and put our mocked up bags on the shelves. He met with each of us individually on different days. Ever since that project, I wake up early and get tons of work done. Long story short I got the project to design the branding, packaging, vehicle graphics and more. Love seeing the breads everywhere and the trucks on the road. I have a few food labeling projects lined up and hope to keep branching into this industry again along with the actions sports my two favorite interests. I am a foodie fan, buy local, buy organic, worm farmer and gardener.

The Top 5 trends have been been picked by a panel of food experts at the 35th Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco
The top trends identified are:

• Good-for-you foods
• Coconut
• Gluten-free
• Exotic citrus
• Nostalgic foods

Spicy was not mentioned but was huge as well as sea salt. My
Favorite chocolate at the Fancy Food Show was the poco dolce sooo good. The tiles with salt rule!

Most interesting thing at the show for me was the Paul Frank pancake mix. I saw PF start with wallets in the surf industry. He grew and grew and then somehow got pushed out of his own business. PF is in Target, doing bikes, helmets, and now food. I've always had bitter sweet thoughts to this but love PF stuff. What if you started something you loved and then got pushed out and then saw it go big without you. I hope he is happy and doing something fun.

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