Saturday, January 2, 2010

Am I really 50?

I think about skateboard way to much still. I woke up the other morning thinking to myself, "Am I really 50?" I'm still passionate about going to the parks and skating. Thinking about dropping in and getting nervous about whether I can pull it or will I chicken out. Imagining the best line to take. Not skating to the caliber I use to but getting my park legs back slowly and still enjoying the adrenaline rush (I think it keeps you young). I've spent most of my past 7 years racing slalom and practicing for races when I skate. I like the park challenge and feel I better get back on it a little before I'm too old to even do it. There are so many great skaters over 40 ripping it is amazing. Us old farts still raising the bar.

Old photo of Winchester Skatepark almost 31 years ago after spending 5 weeks in Hawaii, this was my first session in January 1979. Photo by Mike Smiley Goldman (still ripping) and Steve Caballero in the back ground at 14 years and a size 23 waist. I know cause I made him a pair of skate shorts when I use to sew skate shorts.

Going skating with Mikko and friends. Mikko drove me to Winchester back in the day and sold me my second skateboard from Wings Waves and Wheels, I still have the deck. Skating with Gary Holl, and the NorCal crew LCSP.

Go out and skate!

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