Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Surfer Magazine HB arrest Back in the day

Today while reading the latest Surfer Magazine article with the section interviewing all the past and present Surfer editors. The comment Paul Holmes made about regrets for leaving Harbor Bill’s name in an article that ran in the magazine that got Bill arrested brought back some memories. I was at Bill’s house the night that Sam George had asked to come talk to Bill in person for getting him arrested. It was an intense moment when the door knocked and it was Sam. Sam held out his hand to shake and Bill wouldn’t shake his hand. His son, Homer and one other person beside myself were in the living room. I worried that Bill was going to just knock him out in one punch. (Sam was a valley he lived in Los Gatos as nice as LG is it’s still the valley if you’re from Santa Cruz.) The surfing the harbor mouth is breaking the law. Surfing it is rare since it doesn’t break very often but the wave is spectacular the view from the jacks front row seating and the danger level high. It is dangerous because it is so shallow. The harbor patrol had wanted to find the infamous HB for years. No local would ever say more than his name is Harbor Bill until that article came to print. That changed HB's life and was a huge turning point. I hope editors of Surfer, Surfing, and any other magazines promoting the sport will think twice before blowing out someone's favorite surf spot, or giving someone attention that didn't want it. Bill is a true surfer like his son they surf for themselves not for some magazine shot or for 5 minutes of fame.

I know Paul has a strong integrity about surfers and surf spots. I know he let the writer for the North Coast article red flag a ton of slides that would of broken Big Flat right open back in the 80’s with photos of the home, landing strip and a mapped out location. That’s another story for sure.

Never count out the girl friend she’s usually the one that’s actually listening and taking it all in.

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