Thursday, December 24, 2009

Packaging and design from ground up

This box has unique features inside as the box has to hold the helmet in place and fit a goggle in the corner without crushing the products. Had die cut windows on top with a sticker sheet so kids can customize there helmets. Scary Girl artist, Nathan Jurevicius.

Dirt jump bike helmet box, photographed a piece of plywood as the base.

Never one to say no. I designed these boxes from the ground up. No straight out of the can template. A box design was needed that could stack, open and close easily, look nice, make the product look good, display the product so it could travel across the ocean in a container and not scuff, sell the product, let the customer touch the product, try it on and easily put it back. Minor details like that. Labels that read easily, sizes, model name. I'm either on the crazy side, likes challenges, or think out of the box.

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