Saturday, September 26, 2009

Having neighbors like this makes your yard look good!

I took these photos a few days ago after going to the neighborhood Aptos Fire meeting. House has been vacant for over 2 decades. All clippings are tossed over the fence between our houses it is three feet deep and dry to the bone. We have a dead tree between our properties that goes over our fence. My husband trimmed a branch on that front Oak awhile ago and the home owner threaten to shoot him next time. We have two young kids and I worry that they might get hit going out of our driveway. The big yellow school bus gets pushed into the middle of the street. Public works was kind enough a few years ago to limb up the trees to make it safe for the walkers. Old classic car doesn't bother me as much as the dry dense brush wrapped around all sides of the house. You have to laugh but the neighbors are not laughing, the Smith's get to look at this everyday. I'm starting to not see it so much.

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