Monday, July 20, 2009

Seismic Slalom Skateboard World Championships 2009

Great weekend of racing. John Ravitch placed 3 rd in the Giant Slalom Master Division, 5 th in the Hybrid and yesterday he made the podium once again with a second in the tight slalom. He got the third Overall Masters Title. Great job.

I had fun. Placed 4 th in the Hybrid on Saturday. Saturday evening, I made some truck and skate adjustments. That made a huge difference in my racing results for on Sundays race, thanks to John pointing out my truck washer was rubbing my truck axle. On a few runs my board was sticking on one side but I couldn't figure out what it was the day before. Thanks to Kevin Delaney showing me I had squishy soft bushings and should upgrade. You think I would since I am sponsored by Khiro Skateboard Products and had a good stash of goods thanks to Khiro Bob on hand. Thanks also too, Claude Regnier giving me some great body tips. And Gareth for the great board via John. Gary Holl thanks for the advice and coaching.

Richy and gang from Sk8kings for tons of support.

Thanks Lynn for the beer even tough I only took a sip and had a drink instead. You Rocked as usual.

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