Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feature on Sponsorhouse Action Sports Skate section

Skateboarding art and living go hand in hand. Getting a feature position on Sponsorhouse's website next to a 7 year old up and coming ripper is pretty cool even for a few days. It is not up anymore but looked like this. I think I am one of the oldest skateboarding mom's that skateboard races professionally. I love seeing kids and adults skateboarding, carrying skateboards and talking skateboarding even after all these decades. I skate with some skaters that I've skated with for over three decades. So if your young and skating don't be surprised if you are still doing it decades from now.

Only thing that bothers me is all these young skaters doing rails and stairs without helmets. Do you think your not going to slam?

Thank you Toshi Corbet for introducing me too Sponsorhouse it is a cool action sports site.

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