Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road Rider and Santa Cruz Skateboard History Lesson

Santa Cruz: World Leader in Action Sports Design

The SCD+IC Skateboard Panel Discussion on May 28th was fantastic. Featuring Connor Welles, Tim Piumarta, Don Bostick, Erik Florio, Judi Oyama, and Danny Keith, fifty people heard them discuss the history of wheels, the development of skateboards, design skills relating to boards, the development of international skateboarding events, how to start out in the industry, and many personal tales of persistence, humor, inspiration, and success. We have since heard that several new design collaborations are emerging from that event - another example of how the Design Center is bringing Santa Cruz together as a creative and business community that is also a world leader in action sports design.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, especially Santa Cruz Skateboards and Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop. Together we raised the equivalent of $1,000 in food for Grind Out Hunger.

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