Friday, May 29, 2009

Santa Cruz Design and Innovation Presentation

These are the Powerpoint slides that I put together for the event. I was super nervous last night and worried that the crowd was small which was around 50 people. According to the past events that was a good number. The evening started off with Tim Piumarta - the Director of R+D, NHS who was a great speaker and talked about the history of NHS and the skateboard wheel from the break through of the sealed bearing. The crowd was totally into it and so was the panel. It was exactly what I had hoped for when I asked Chris Younge about holding a skateboard panel. Tim was passionate and excited with tons of knowledge. Stories get passed on from person to person and I don't think that Santa Cruz Skateboards story has really been told. I hope some of the stories that came out last night will get passed around.
Next up was Connor Welles - Hard Goods Development Coordinator, NHS. His parents were in the audience and it was nice to see their big smiles. He did great and talked a bit about the process of getting things manufactured and working with product managers.

After Connor was Don Bostick -President/Director World Cup Skateboarding (WCSK8) he runs all of the X Games and other skateboard and snowboard judging world wide. He spoke about his skateboard passion early roots of owning retail stores, playing music and having the Hawks call him about taking over retiring Frank Hawk's job and how he hung up on them thinking it was a crank call. They called back and he has been running events ever since and traveling the world.

Next up was Erik Florio - CEO and Founder Whagaa/Go Learn to Skate iphone app which is based in Scotts Valley. Talked about the early days of wanting to do apps before the iPhone and his connection with DK. It was nice to hear everyone's connection to skateboarding and career paths.

I was next and did my presentation with my PowerPoint slides. A good program to know and have in your back pocket.

DK talked about retail, Grind out Hunger and social networking. Twittering...I can't believe he turned 40 last week. He still looks like a kid. He was asked questions about retail now verses the past. How parents are buying boards with their kids. Longboards are a growing segment and how he likes to encourage kids to skate and how lucky they are to have so many skateboard parks.

I wanted to share that design comes in many forms. Graphic design print, clothing design, magazine, and book, product, and tried to show products that were all skateboard related.

Showed this skateboard park slide to show the possibilities of park design. I had asked Zach Wormhoudt to join us but he was too busy with work and couldn't make it.

Showed more gear designs.

Showed interior design via skate shop in NorCal.

Well thought out plans and end design all skateboard related.

Clean well designed shop.

Santa Cruz Skateboard projects hanging 26 inch POP before computers all hand produced production. Ad for inside back cover ASR magazine mid 80's.

Tracing paper hand drawn rough layout that was approved for EA ad's that ran in Thrasher, Transworld, Gaming magazine and one pager in Spin. Bonjovi was on the cover and big then if it tells you anything.

Black and white photo I hand colored the skater jumped 40 times and this was the best shot. Didn't know until you saw proofs. I airbrushed the wall and layout out all of the props, where the graphic screens shots were white taped foam core in position so it could be dropped in via old school production. I was sick as a dog the morning of the shoot and had to just act like all was good when the client showed up. I would of been in bed if I had my choice. You work through it. I didn't go into details like during the talk.

Years later Nike comes out with a shoe color combo after the game. Go figure. I heard it sold well to boot. Nike had no clue that they were a popular shoe back in the early days of skating. They paid there way into the sport twice and finally got in.

Bulky. I had to put him in. I mentioned if you ever get a chance to eat at the Apple head quarters check out the photo on the wall that has a bunch of famous rock stars and artists. You'll see a diagram of all the players. Steve is in the photo and is the only person not called out.

I wanted to hire Moshe Brakha who did the Sky Vodka imagery for a Rockshox Ad Campaign. The manager Mike (we are still friends) said you can't afford us and was super rude. Some how talking about skating and knowing Olson made things better. Moshe wanted to do the job and we did it. Skating actually opened doors.

Giro trade show booth graphics and illustration work by James Jean was one of my favorite projects.

Photography by BK (Bryce Kanights) founder of the, amazing skater and photographer. Imagery of Aaron Brookes who was at the event. Soon to launch his BrookleBee marketing company.

Jimbo Phillips wave design collaboration. I think I mentioned throughout my talk how important it was to network via linkedin, facebook, twitter...and how it really works.

All in all I think it went well. I think it would of been a full house if we had no charge at the door. $15.00 bucks a person is pretty steep. At the end of the evening the Raffled a Santa Cruz Longboard a super stoked winner. I had a ton of folks tell me what a great event it was. Stories are meant to share and I think that we gave enough info for the next generation to share to keep the history of skateboarding in Santa Cruz and it's roots in check.

Thanks Maya, Chris, Davy, Ruby, Paul, Jeremy, Iris, Ryan, and everyone that believed.
Thank you Nextspace
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