Saturday, January 3, 2009

Maximum Impact Design

I started my graphic design business in Santa Cruz at the Sash Mill in 1987. I worked on many memorable projects designing the logo and packaging for Beckmann's Bakery, Ad's for Billabong, and many other international and local clients. After a fun filled eight years of working solo with very little time for vacations or weekends, I put my business in a hold mode and to went to work in-house as the art director for a bigger company. I kept a few select clients and passed most of the excess work to talented design friends while working full time for some of the best companies in the action sports industry. Over the past decade I have been fortunate to work for a wide range of top brands and experienced some of large scale projects I would never had been able to do on my own. Sessions, General Exhibits and Display, RockShox Inc., my all time favorite for 7 1/2 years at Giro Sport Design doing all things print. In the coming months I'm going to refocus my energy on some unique project opportunities and another Public Art Skate Park project. imagine that. I plan on improving my web skills by taking a few classes. Something I have always wanted to do but never had the time.

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