Thursday, January 29, 2009

Made BK's top 10 nicest list!

It was nice to read BK's interview and find myself listed with some great skaters.

Who’s the biggest asshole you’ve ever had to deal with in the skateboard industry?
Well, I’d rather not name names, but the kook that I used to report to at adidas tops the list hands down. He once told me that editorial and advertising within the brand was not to collaborate whatsoever. I’ll leave it at that.

Who’s the nicest person you’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with in the skateboard industry?
There’s just so many exceptional people in skateboarding that it would be hard to name just one of them. How about a top ten? Ray Barbee, Steve Caballero, Steve Van Doren, Karl Watson, Corey Duffel, Don Brown, Ben Krahn, Judi Oyama, Wally Inouye and Paul Schmitt.

At least I didn't make the asshole list!

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