Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Found friend on Myspace after 29 years!

I got a great email through myspace from a old friend from 1979 this morning! Her son had friended me and he showed her a pic of us skating on the Northshore that was in my photo album. We both skated back in the day and did a short stint with "Skateboardmania" the ice follies of skateboarding where I met Duane Peters and a few other notable skaters. We lived in Hollywood for 3 weeks in the Holiday Inn off Hollywood Blvd. 10 days in LA and a week on the Queen Mary so we could practice in the Long Beach Arena before hitting the road in the 7 bus 1.2 million dollar show. Long story short the head director was having an affair with the Lakers and LA forum arena and he shut us down. Went home waiting word of show start it never happened. Went to Hawaii for 5 weeks and ran into Kerry who was hanging out with her sister on the Northshore. Dano a professional surf/skate photographer from Santa Cruz was based on the Northshore for the winter surf wanted to do a photo shoot with us. We poached Rory Russell's ramp at Pipeline and then did some random hill runs with Dano sitting on the hood of the old rusted out car.

Great to see she is still living there and writing books. Very cool.

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