Saturday, September 6, 2008

ASR Free swag from the Santa Cruz party

Free Get Juiced OJ Beer cup, Phillips T shirt, Screaming hand bag and Tech Deck®. Flew down for the day and sat with Jim and Jimbo. Had fun visiting and remember old times. Jim did a classic image for me when I was at the Santa Cruz Surf Shop. We were talking about what if Jimbo redid it with the current Santa Cruz surfers, Flea, Mel...would be a cool project.

It was fun to see old friends. I carried down my kids hard back Indy books to have more signatures for them. Kevin Malburg, Natas, Roskopp, Meekster, Spidey, Ray Meyers, Tom Knox, and a few others. A few years back at the Indy signing similar but without Fausto ;(. DP it was great to see you. Friends for life back at you.

It was great seeing Rene Yater and many other old friends.

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