Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gorge Games Results Giant Slalom

This year I choose not to race the GS and focus on the Hybrid and Tight. Qualifying is today and the finals are on Sunday.
The GS is a fun event but after having a close friend Drew Lundsford crash hard last year I decided it wasn't that important for me anymore.

Congrats to Kevin Delaney for placing second in the Open class on my Roe Racing red board. Custom built by Stryker and Corey Moy.

Slalom Events - The Gorge Games is proud to present the North American Slalom Skateboard Championships in 2008. According to the ISSA, this event is expected to have the highest race-ranked status and will be the largest slalom event in the country. Racers will receive higher points for racing in this event than other races in the country, a fair number of international racers are expected to be in attendance. The Hood River races are the longest consecutively running slalom events in the country, if not the world. The Super Giant Slalom will be held in Mosier Tunnels on the Old Scenic Highway. The Championship Title will be comprised of all 3 events, so get out there and shred it!

Hood River Gorge Games 2008

Giant Slalom - July 18, 2008
Old Scenic Highway - Hood River, Oregon, USA


Pro Division
1 Jason Mitchell
2 Martin Reaves
3 Greg Fadell
4 Zak Maytum
5 George Pappas
6 Kenny Mollica
7 Jonathan Harms
8 Chris Barker
9 Joe McLaren
10 David Pirnack
11 Keith Hollien
12 Richy Carrasco
13 Mike Maysey
14 Evan St. Clair
15 Tay Hunt
16 Johnny Miller
17 Paul Price

Open Division
1 Jordan Huotari
2 Kevin Delaney
3 Brad Jackman
4 Karl Floitgraf
5 John Stryker
6 Corey Moy
7 Skip Marcotte
8 Eric Tokle
9 Chris Pappas
10 Jay LaPalm
11 Gareth Roe
12 Mark Harris
13 Gib Lewis
14 Joshua Burt
15 James Peters
16 Vassar
17 Rob Sydia

Masters Division
1 Tay Hunt
2 Gib Lewis
3 Wentzl Ruml IV

Women's Division
1 Lynn Kramer
2 Cat Young

Juniors' Division
1 Darrin Moy
2 Kyle McLaren
3 Spencer Smith
4 Sky Siljeg
5 Peter Ramirez
6 Nick Ronzani
7 Dylan Smith
8 Keith Hendersen
9 Kirby Cox

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