Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oregon State Games Day 1

Found this article this morning.
Had a great day today. No injuries. Makes it great. Made the B group in the Hybrid Dual slalom race against 30 plus men and boys. I was the only woman riding today and had fun. Wish more women would race and more daughters, wives and girlfriends would give it a try instead of watching. Maybe next year! The soap box derby hill is the perfect spot to race. No foot braking, a nice upgrade at the finish, grass on both sides, trees for shade and courses that are very make able. It was great to see a ton of newbies and young skaters going for it for the first time. Plus it was Go Skateboarding Day! for most that isn't much different than any other day.

I know Pat is going to post the results later so I didn't want to post it on the slalom side NCDSA.

Hybrid Results:
Tay Hunt (Famed Upland Skatepark Rider) came in first
Cory Moy second
Brad Jackman third

Giant slalom Results:
John Striker First and a gold medal
Tay Hunt second with the silver
Brad Jackman third with the bronze.

Tomorrow will be a 100 cone race and slalom cross.

To much fun.

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