Saturday, May 17, 2008

Race Horse Rescue Interworld

I rescued a horse named Interworld off the San Mateo Race Track back in 1995. Interworld was a beautiful Thoroughbred race horse that was injured from racing and one of the four owners did not want to see him continue to run. The owner was a kind family man and his kids loved the horse. I told him I would take him if he would pay half the vet bills for the first six month and he did. They had paid over $35,000 for him. The other partners that owned the horse wanted to take him to Denver and run him into the ground. Meaning until he broke down and had to be put down. Interworld got to be a normal horse and was a great trail horse. After he was healed and sound I ended up giving him to a good friend and he lived only a year and a half after his rescue due to leg problems from racing and had to eventually be put down. I hadn't really thought of him until the story of Eight Belles a few weeks ago.
Photo: Richard Oyama Location: Valencia Creek Ranch when Deb Cooper owned it.

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