Monday, May 26, 2008

Beyond Barbed Wire

In honor of my family and what they have gone through. I work and play without the memories of internment. Unlike my parents and relatives that were interned. My uncle Yukio Sumida helped fund this documentary about the Japanese American Camps. My mom was at Poston 2 my dad at Poston 1 when they were just young kids. Lost everything they own and had to start over when they got out.

This exceptional documentary outlines the WWII battlefield accomplishments of the 100th Infantry Battalion/442 Regimental Combat Team, featuring stories recounted by Japanese Americans who fought in these segregated units and proved their loyalty to their country. The ironies are not lost as the revelations unfold. As their civil liberties and rights were stripped away and their families imprisoned in internment camps in the US, they faced further prejudice from the upper ranks of the military, in the trenches of Europe and in the Pacific Theatre. Personal accounts begin with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, continue through Italy and France, building to the rescue of the Texas "Lost Battalion" in northern France. Also included are the recollections of the little known MIS (Military Intelligence Service) linguists who served in the Pacific interrogating POWs, intercepting radio messages and translating .

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