Friday, February 1, 2008

Skatepark Revival oh to be young again!

Back in my day there were 8 parks in San Jose and we would skate 3 parks a night. Warm up at Campbell (good banked area and half pipes) skate Winchester (washboard and pool) and then finish the night off at Milpitas (pill box, snake runs, big pool). Then poof they were gone within a year due to insurance hikes. Parks turned into storage lockers and that was the end of my park riding days. You guys are all so lucky to have what you have. Enjoy!
Soon you will have a new huge skate park in San Jose stop flapping the ole lips about what could be better just get out and skate the thing. We had back yard parks to skate and it wasn't pretty but it was the best we had.

New park Photo by Mofo park design by Zach Wormhoudt and skaters.
Top photo Steve Caballero when he was 14 on deck.
Mike Smiley Goldman took the photo.
Bottom pick was Ed DeRosa's backyard before he build Soquel.

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