Sunday, March 25, 2007

My brother and I Pleasure Point 1963

My grandma raised five girls and a son in Monterey, worked at the fish canneries in Cannery Row with her two eldest daughters, my dad's father was a fisherman. She lost everything she owned to a house fire, rebounded, lost her son, lost everything again when the family was put in Internment Camps during World War II, pregnant with her daughter, she lost her husband and raised her family solo. My mom was 12 years old my dad in his own camp with his family was 14. The untold story Beyond Barbed Wire movie a documentary my Uncle Yukio helped fund tells what happened during this time. Something my parents never spoke to us about until this movie came out. I saw my dad cry for the second time in my life while watching this movie at the Pacific Film Festival, the only other time I saw him cry was at his mother's funeral when I was 8 years old. My parents Americanized us, spoiled us and encouraged us to do things they could not. I know that is part of what drives and fuels my passion to make life better and to do more then just sit and watch it go by.

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