Sunday, October 3, 2010

Santa Cruz Freelance Camp best takeaways

Met some really talented people at yesterday's Freelance Camp in Santa Cruz. If you are a Freelancer I highly recommend going to one if not two camps if you find one near you. You will meet people like yourself dealing with some of the same questions about freelancing. What it's like going the path of the self-employed and experiencing the pains and gains of going alone or with a team. I believe you can do it if you set your mind to it and have a good network. Working with other talented people and making teams per project work.

I enjoyed listening to Shane Pearlman of Shane and Peter talking about teams and working with clients. Expanding and shrinking contractors by work flow and load. They have some great info and WordPress plugins on there blog.

One of the first break out sessions I went to was about developing a iPhone or iPad application. I have had an idea brewing I've wanted to do as a book but think this will work out better as an app and will not need to be printed. Funny coming from someone with a wide print background. New is good. I also have many clients asking about doing their own app and I have been sending them to a different team but since they just got bought up my AOL I am seeking to develop a new team and I think I found some good candidates.

Another breakout was about growing your business and focusing. I believe in going after your passion. If you love what you do you'll love your work. Whether it be video work, web, programming or design. Most important message throughout the day was collaborating and networking. Not everyone believes in that style. I didn't plan on speaking out but I really feel it is important to do what you enjoy.

Finding your niche Freelance article on Freelance

I enjoyed the afternoon meeting about work flow and how to say no or express frustration in last minute projects from clients. Most the time it's a grind it out and get r done but it is always good to give a time frame to your client that is realistic and honest. Better to let them know you can not do something then to say yes and not deliver.

One of the best links so far for me was the Freshbooks info. It allows you to track time, make estimates and invoice. It has a great simple interface and is free for the first 3 clients and $19.95 a month for more. Thanks Brooklyn Taylor for the tip.

The raffle at the end of the day had some really great prizes. I was happy to win a 12 months of Website Plus Hosting at Cruzio internet. Can't wait to see their new building.

Only regret is not going up and meeting more people that I'd been wanting to meet. Wallace thanks for Linkingin.

Freelance Camp information on the yesterdays camp. Who was there and what was it all about.

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